Weekend Getaway: Tawi Lodge

Weekend Getaway: Tawi Lodge

18/04/2017 Off By Aclyne Njiraini
[dropcap]H[/dropcap]allo Profashionals, How was your Easter? Mine was an amazing experience full of fun road trips and glorious moments with friends and family. For now, allow me to take you back one week prior when I had a weekend getaway at Amboseli. Hidden in the dry Kenyan South is a luxurious safari lodge, Tawi Lodge.

A lodge built with all its facilities facing the snow capped Mt. Kilimanjaro; from the rooms to the dining area, to the bar and the swimming pool, the amazing view of the mountain lingers. Even the bathroom has a window facing the mountain! Waking up to the beautiful snowy view atop the mountain reminded me of my high school days at the foots of Mt. Kenya.
The view was great but all that beauty faded in the distance when I remembered how cold the shower awaiting would be; Ice cold! yet we survived and here we are 🙂 At this little safari gem, life is a little different and warm. All water is solar heated, so you can watch the cold caps in the comfort of a warm bath.

As usual our weekend getaway trip was by road. A four hour drive with one hour being the dustiest hour of my life yet. At some point we got lost and had to wait in the scorching sun for our rescue team haha! These are the memories I live for. Thank you Peter and Barack for your assistance. After enjoying the dust skids for another 10 or so minutes, we arrived at this little heaven awaiting only to hear that we had just missed a group of elephants at the lodge’s water hole. Mahn I am so unlucky when it comes to these big goons. All the same, the warm reception made us feel all kinds of vacation ready, I almost forgot I was supposed to be working that weekend.

What I really loved about this lodge is their way of conserving the environment. The architecture blends with the indigenous trees and plants, the use of electricity as a source of power as as minimal as it can get and the soaps used are all biodegradable. If you are a lover of nature like myself, you will appreciate the efforts made by the management to keep this place as Eco as it can be.

And the food! For the first time I managed to finish a full course! I am used to jumping straight to the main course and the desert, but this time I did all three courses at dinner.  The magical African sky full of stars that we competed to name ( not that we are experts) as we ate made the food tastier. The chef’s mythical stories kept the dinner table so lively that we could have spent all night there; eating, telling stories and watching the stars. But then again, work 🙁

If you are looking for a magical place to have a weekend getaway or longer, Tawi Lodge is the place. You will enjoy the beautiful sunset, a drive to Amboseli National park and of course the view of elephants and other animals playing just a few meters from you in the Lodge’s water place. Enjoy the photos and do book your next trip to this place. Ooh, you can still access the lodge via a flight, but if you do not mind long drives, then you must try this one. Share your experience when you do. If you have already visited, let me know what you loved most.

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Lodge view

Enjoying the views from my cottage

Beautiful sunsets

The pool


Double slurp!

Cheers to more getaways


Aclyne Njiraini