Weekend Getaway: Saruni Samburu

Weekend Getaway: Saruni Samburu

25/05/2017 Off By Aclyne Njiraini
[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o I made a getaway to Samburu last weekend. One long drive but so so much worth it. As usual it was  work related and our stay/assignment was at Saruni Samburu: a luxury lodge built on top of one of the many rocky hills in Kalama conservancy. This gives spectacular views from the top and allows some cool breeze through the hot Samburu air. We arrived quite late and booked into our villa. Due to the hot weather, the tents were left open with only a netting (more like a mosquito net) between the wild outside and us. I could clearly see any movements on the outside but i guess the wildlife had a better view due to the lights on our side. Perfect wild getaway.

To make matters more interesting, the shower area has been segregated at a far end of the villa and on the outside. The views from the shower are amazing, but the thoughts of wildlife emerging from the surrounding bushes not so much. When I asked our attendant about the same, his reply was ” you can not find lions on rocky hills, and elephants are too heavy. May be a cheetah!!” Such a consolation!! Either way his response did not convince me to bath in the tub on the inside, I still preferred a very quick sun kissed/star lit shower. A very romantic moment for couples if you ask me ūüėČ On that romantic note, all rooms are far from each other and face different directions. So it is just you, your partner and a¬†breathtaking backdrop of pure wilderness. Book your romantic getaway now and enjoy many more activities offered at the lodge. How I wish I was on vacay!

We made a quick visit to Samburu Rhino at Sera conservancy on the second day. This is an amazing camp built on the bank of a wide seasonal river, with (what I thought were species of) palm trees growing all round it. It felt like being on the beach, yes a beach in the desert. I hope to have a getaway here soon, just to bring that feeling back and also experience the rhino tracking escapade that the lodge offers. According to the management, rhino tracking is an amazing walking safari that provides a uniquely thrilling adventure, but also allows guests to actively contribute to the protection of this iconic species. Something I definitely want to do when I am not on a work escapade.

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Part of the lodge as seen on the hill

Climbing the hill to the restaurant


Just how unfit can one be…

Finally, breakfast setting with the very informed and courteous waiter Ken

The amazing view from the restaurant area

I had to pose every time at this point and marvel

A thumbs up to Ken

How beautiful is this …Mt Kenya in the background

The desert beach

Spot me

It was a wrap

Back to the Villa in the bushes

To catch more breathtaking views at the comfort of a couch

…And a beautiful sunset

Have a lovely week ahead

Live a little!!!





Aclyne Njiraini