Weekend Getaway: Chimps Edition

Weekend Getaway: Chimps Edition

20/03/2018 Off By Aclyne Njiraini
[dropcap]H[/dropcap]allo my good people, I hope you are keeping warm in this weather. I am currently on leave so the morning cold is not my portion this month 😉 unless I have an appointment whose timing I was not consulted. Anyhow, we decided to have a quick weekend getaway to Olpejeta this past weekend. Quick because we were in on Saturday and out on Sunday with too much fun in between. Before you ask questions, “we” here is The A’s (which stands for Aclyne and the Anonymous guy in her life).  That said, we as usual drove ourselves but this time my manual driving skills were on the test. Let’s just say I aced it 🙂

I like how free it feels to be in the wild

Not even the mud mattered

We arrived at around lunchtime (great timing we have) and buried ourselves into work for the rest of the afternoon. Oh yes, it is work that had brought us here but we were sure going to have fun too. Fast forward to Sunday ( I shall revisit the sun downer and clubbing in the wild later) because the death of Sudan, the only remaining male white rhino has inspired this post. Sad

I was all made up for the day. I wore this  off shoulder top from Rosegal. I like the way it flatters my shoulders and collar bone. Then again it is loose fitting which makes it so comfortable to be in, free flow of air in and out. Sweating is unheard of in this cotton fabric piece.  We were going to visit the Chimpanzee sanctuary at sweet waters Olpejeta and A had this to say.

A: Why are you all dolled up and looking good for the wild?

Me: Aren’t we visiting the chimps today?

A: Yes….so…

Me: They are 98.6% human, yes? I might get myself an admirer..

A: So this is how a guy gets dumped? in the wild for a wild animal? I will feed your pretty self to them…

Me: Not an animal honey, your closest cousins. Like you said, I’m too pretty to be eaten;)

But I had to stay close to the guide in case my plot did not work

And even closer to the safety cage

The stories about these chimps before they were rescued are heart breaking. Their mothers were killed and they were taken in as pets. They are cute little almost humans, until they grow big and can no longer be tamed. They have mood swings and can be aggressive just like humans. Then they are caged, caged for the rest of their lives. How sad is that?

Poco…He still stands on twos and entertains his visitors

The story of Poco (they all have names) caught my attention. He was put in a cage that he could barely fit in for so long that he learnt to stand on two limbs as an adaptation. His cage was suspended somewhere in a fueling station to attract and entertain customers. And his payment? He would probably have ended up as some dinner somewhere when he was too old to entertain. Gross!!! It feels like eating a fellow human being? 98.6% is pretty close, no?

Meet Safari, he is 34 years old

The females catching up

The amazing thing is that these fellows are as human as they can get. They know and keep time during their meals. You will see them disappear one by one into the thicket to the “dining arena”. They then wait their turns as they are called out by name one by one to pick their meals. A characteristic we humans are short of!! We are too selfish we want to always go first. Too selfish to care for the future. We want to eat and have the cake at the same time.

True stories courtesy of humans

We clear the forests and still want to visit the wild and watch their survival tactics! Shame

We cage them and still expect future generations from them for our future generations! Shame Shame!

We poach them for meat and ivory, then what? we do not care as long as our pockets are full! A selfish lot we are!

Yes please, can we stop this war

Let us all save the forests, if not for us then for the future generations, both wild and humans!!

Cheers to the future!!

Top: Rosegal

Trouser: Mishy Fashion Wears +254727692264

Shoes:  Venus Shoes Collection



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