Nairobi Restaurant Week: Picazzo Edition

Nairobi Restaurant Week: Picazzo Edition

19/02/2018 Off By Aclyne Njiraini
[dropcap]D[/dropcap]id you get a chance to sample the menu during the Nairobi Restaurant Week (NRW) organized by Eatout Kenya? I have always wanted to sample different menus during this week, but then again January!! Why do they organize it in January when most of us are spending every left over coin sparingly?  This is why I wasted no time when a call for collaboration in sampling Picazzo Restaurant menu for the NRW came.

You too are in luck because Picazzo Restaurant, located at the Hub Karen, heard your January woes and have extended their menu till the end of February!! How about that, huh? Before I tease your taste buds, let me start by saying that all opinions here in are derived from my own experience and preferences.

Now if you allow me;


Wings and draft beer or sangria all weekend long

We started off with with these delicious chicken wings paired with natural yogurt.  How do you like your wings?  Sticky, sizzling and sweet enough to make you lick your fingers, yes? Then you should visit this restaurant over the weekend for the wings and draft beer offer. Visit their page for more details.


My choice of starter was the gazpacho salad. The tanginess in this salad will arouse your salivary glands and leave you wanting more. Paired with the crispy croutons, this salad hit all the right places of my taste buds.

Main Course:

The boneless chicken grill was the first meal in the main course to try. I am not quite a fan when it comes to chicken matters but, when it comes looking like this ooh honey, even I could not resist.

Served with parmesan potatoes and spinach, let’s just say that this meal was the birth of a love story.

Then there was beef medallion wrapped in bacon, sluuuurp! Served with wainaina potatoes, I have no idea why they call them so, but it sounded quite about right for my Kikuyu taste buds. Drenched in pepper corn sauce, this meal will have you occasionally dubbing the sides of your mouth, not because your lipstick smudged but because there is only so much sweetness that your mouth can accommodate at ago.


This was the most eye catching plate on the table, and as usual I wanted to try it out. It is not everyday you come across mashed beetroot wrapped in a pancake and served with cheese salad. They call it beetroot filloa. I am neither a vegetarian ( we already established that in another post) nor a fan of cheese. This meal is not one I would order but if you are a vegetarian or just like experimenting with food, then you just got yourself the next order.



There were  two options for dessert; Cheese cake, which I tried because….. Well as I have already said, cheesy meals are not my portion. So my taste opinion on this one is a little bit biased on my underlying preference. However, you can visit Fred Anyona’s  So You Like Fashion blog for an honest opinion of the same and some of the meals he sampled. He is a cheese lover.

The other dessert was Churros. I can not speak much about this one since I was too full to continue with the party. I am sure though that a chocolate dip could never go wrong with your taste buds. If you are planning to visit the hub before the end of NRW extension, kindly have this for me.

The Nairobi Restaurant Week menu at Picazzo is all chef personalized. So why don’t you make a date and allow this team to arouse every last bit of your taste buds with their expertise.

Cheers people!

I am off to find some food, as I got hungry just reviewing the photos.

Make up: Anne of Chish Makeup art

Photography: Bmpicz Photography

Location: Picazzo Restaurant


Aclyne Njiraini