3 Weeks in Europe 5 Countries; Drama in Porto, Portugal

3 Weeks in Europe 5 Countries; Drama in Porto, Portugal

11/10/2019 Off By Aclyne Njiraini

Ola my people! I hope Friday is treating you well. It’s that time again, keep it here and get entertained. Let us go to Porto, Portugal. This is where the drama started. On our way there, I sat next to an old guy who offered to be my guide as well as pay for the rest of my Europe tour! The minute I mentioned I was on the tour with Mr.A (he was two seats behind), the old man was like “Enjoy your trip, you won’t be needing my guidance after all!” And just like that, I lost my sponsorship.

We had opted to stay out of town next to the beach in a place called Perafita. Our apartment was on the beach front, offering the most beautiful views of the Atlantic ocean. But that is all we got, amazing views, beach walks, and local beer as we watched the beautiful sunset. What a welcome! The water was however too freaking cold for a swim!

Following day we woke up super early to catch a ride with a kind neighbour (we were making friends super fast). Armed with a list of places to visit in Porto town, all went well until it was time to head back. Our host, Maria, had advised us to take a bus number 104A. She had also mentioned that after 7:30pm, it would be impossible to get a bus home. We stood there waiting and all we could see was 104B. AT 7:25pm, Mr A says “Kama ni 104 zote, si kuna vile route inaweza kuwa moja pia? Tutaenda tukiangalia vile tulikuja asubuhi. (If they are both 104, isn’t it possible the route is the same too? We just have to be on the look out for our morning route!)” I was in agreement and after a quick google translate chat with the driver we were off.

Thirty minutes later we were still on the road, yet our morning trip had taken 20 minutes. We just laughed at ourselves. 45 minutes on the road and it was no longer a laughing matter. Our phones were dead and the only Portuguese word  we knew was Ola! It was also getting dark and we could barely see outside. Five minutes later, the bus came to a halt and the driver signaled at us to follow him outside. Since we didn’t understand his language, he quickly exchanged words with a nearby minivan driver then signaled at us to board. May he be bleseed beyong measure this driver for going out of his way to make sure we got home. Indeed in less than ten minutes, we were at the gate. After all it was the same route!! 🙂

Next day we opted take a train to Porto. Our kind host had given us the train number, route and name of the place to alight. The train arrived, we checked the details, they all tallied and we hoped on. We got this! a few minutes later a guy walked up to us as he alighted and said “this is the end, where are you guys going?” How could it be the end? We counter checked all the details, showed the guy our tickets and he said “You are on the right train but in the opposite direction!” We sat there, got mad at each other, laughed our heads out before crossing to the right direction. To cut the story short, the first thing we got on arrival was a physical map. It is detailed with bus and train routes and it is super easy to interpret.

Anyway in the midst of all the confusion, we also had some actual fun. If you are ever in Porto, these are the places you should not miss to visit;

Porto cathedral: Built in the 13th century it is the city’s most important church

Ribiera District: Old city by Douro River . It is a Unesco world heritage site

Douro river Cruise

You can also do a heli tour

Wine tour: Vila Nova de Gaia has the best cellars. We visited Calem and had a tour with a happy ending, wine tasting! We also learnt that bottled wine does not get any better with age. Sorry guys!

Try Portuguese food

I don’t remember the name but we sure loved it!

Clerigos Tower; Most visible tower at 75m tall

Igeja do Camo church

The white and blue tiles on the outside are striking, so is the inside

Majestic Cafe

Harry potter fans please gather here and listen to this. The first draft of the book Harry Potter and was drafted right here as the author sipped some coffee. Sorry I was too busy sipping mine I forgot to take photos. Also the library where it was written is also in Porto. How cool is that?!

Have you read the previous post? Don’t be left behind.

Have yourselves a drama free weekend.

See you next friday for the next adventure!




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