3 Weeks in Europe 5 Countries: Let the Adventure Begin!

3 Weeks in Europe 5 Countries: Let the Adventure Begin!

04/10/2019 Off By Aclyne Njiraini

Guten Morgen my people! I am back and with a whole series of stories to tell. As they say, travel makes one a storyteller and I am no exception. As you read this, I am probably at my desk re-living every single moment of my trip and trying to plan another with virtual finances šŸ™‚ You can guess where all the Europe adventure began, Germany baby!!
We landed in Frankfurt from Amsterdam (view post here). One of the our suitcases’ wheel was broken, but this was no deterrence to the adventure. We had a train to catch and we had been sternly warned to leave our “no hurry in Africa” behavior where it belonged lest we would have to pay double if we missed the scheduled train. So Mr A got a chance to show his new wife the power of his muscle. Poor guy he was so tired šŸ™

We woke up super charged to explore Cologne. First in the list was the Cathedral Dom. I have never seen such a piece of architectural art in a church. From outside to the inside stained glass windows, this place is a site to behold. No wonder it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Next was the love lock bridge, commonly known as the Hohenzollern Bridge. Couples go to this bridge to lock love padlocks on the footpath rails and throw the key into the waters of River Rhine. It is believed by doing so a permanent union is created. As much as we would have loved to take part in this love craze, the environmentalists in us couldn’t allow. The locks are estimated to weigh over two (tonnes) already, imagine all those keys on the river bed!! Anyhu, I hope that all those relationships are as strong as this bridge.


On the other side of the bridge is the Cologne triangle, which offers panoramic views of the old town and the Gothic Cathedral Dom.

We sat there, danced in the rain, snapped several pictures before leaving for the shopping street , Schildergasse. All designer outlets are lined here; H&M, Desigual, Addidas, Levis, Tommy Hilfiger,Zara…my heart was full.

I got into most if not all, wore clothes that I had no intention of buying, sampled so many perfumes my nostrils ached! On our way home we got conned šŸ™‚ but who cared, The adventure had just began!!

Watch out for the next adventure.

Happy Friday !!

Top: H&M

Shoes: Backyard Shoes

Aclyne Njiraini