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Getting Back my Mojo

Hallo Profashionals!! It has been forever since I posted anything on this platform. I will not say I am back because I am not sure I have my mojo back yet. My creative side has been reluctant to get in touch with me since dad left us. Every time I try I get this cloud…

By Aclyne Njiraini 04/06/2019 Off

Bucket Skirt

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ince I was  a kid I have never really fancied long skirts and dresses, until bucket skirts, self discovery and awareness happened. Oh, the fights I have had with one Mrs Njiraini!!! You know how the typical African parent would buy you a skirt long enough to take you through three years of growing up?

By Aclyne Njiraini 16/05/2018 Off