Bucket Skirt

Bucket Skirt

16/05/2018 Off By Aclyne Njiraini
[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ince I was  a kid I have never really fancied long skirts and dresses, until bucket skirts, self discovery and awareness happened. Oh, the fights I have had with one Mrs Njiraini!!! You know how the typical African parent would buy you a skirt long enough to take you through three years of growing up? That’s her 🙂  I would always cut and stitch them up to the knee length. Same fate befell the loose fitting ones. Why I did not pursue fashion design is still a wonder, to her mostly! Yet here we are.

Little by little I have come to understand that you can cover up every part of the body and stun even more. I still gravitate towards the shorter versions (read, show some leg), but as they say you never know what you are missing until you try it. And trying I have, with all lengths and fits and this bucket skirt from The Rack tops the list of my favourites.

Bucket skirts are signified by the a little larger than usual waist size. All you need to do is get into the “bucket” tie up the waist and create an illusion of ruffles. How easy and stylish is that 😉 I had an elastic band fixed on mine because I can not risk it loosening and falling off. I am not ready to trend yet!

I then paired it with a fitting body suit (also worn here) because you have to put something that fits into the bucket, right? And flat fringe shoes ready for a lazy Sunday afternoon stroll. Did I mention how much I love these sandals!! Enjoy the photos, leave a comment, call up my girl Daisy on the link below, and also follow me on on facebook @ Office Glam on twitter @Office_Glam and IG @office_glam for more insights.

Skirt: The Rack

Shoes: Venus Shoes Collection

Jewelry: Masai Market

Make up: Anne of Chish Makeup art

Photography: Emmanuel Thuo

Shoot Location: Rock beach Ruiru

May your bucket be full of blessings!!

Aclyne Njiraini