3 Weeks in Europe, 5 Countries; Historical Rome.

3 Weeks in Europe, 5 Countries; Historical Rome.

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Ciao my people!Let us talk about Rome. The history in this place is so rich it had me second guessing my love/hate relationship with my history lessons back then. Anyway, we arrived at midnight (kama kawaida) and I was so fatigued it felt like my adventurous soul was leaving my body. I tried so hard to stay awake in the cab so as to give directions to our hotel (more like follow google maps) but my eyes couldn’t take it any more. Gambling with Mr A’s poor sense of direction to get us to the destination was the only option 🙂  I needed to sleep for two days straight, but that was all the time we had to explore the historical city of Rome.

In all the previous countries, (you can read all about the adventures here and here) we had been staying in airbnb but opted for a hotel in Rome. We needed to be pampered with food mostly, instead of eating out or cooking for ourselves. Shock on us when we went down for breakfast only to find coffee and different kinds of bread. Nothing else! Okay, let me explain this better, imagine walking into your breakfast table to find sliced Broadways bread, un-sliced super loaf, yellow bread, brown kings mill and toasted festive bread!! Where would you start? Well, as the old saying goes, when you go to Rome….

Whining aside, my body still needed more energy to make it through the day’s itinerary and I found just the right kind of boost; cannabis energy drink! (Shhh). After a bit of (a lot of) pleading, convincing and even threatening Mr A, he agreed to my plot. The shop owner had to assure him that there was no actual weed in the drink, just a name. After drinking it up, even I wasn’t convinced 😉 Mr A was happy that he did not have to drag me around, the energy levels were on the high!!

First on the to do list was;

  1. The Colosseum

Effects of the energy drink

I mean, were we even in Rome without a trip to this iconic landmark that used to hold gladiator tournaments?!

Next to it is the arch of Constantine, which is a dedication to the great emperor in honor of his victory at battle.

2. St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica

Rome has a small state within a state and St Peter’s square at the front of it, The Vatican. This is one of the most religious sites in the world

The Basilica on the other hand is at one end of the square and it is held as one of the holiest shrines for its followers. The line to get inside the Vatican city was too long for us to wait.

3. Trevi Fountain

This is the most extravagantly sculptured and decorated fountain I have seen yet. The tradition of throwing coins over the shoulder for luck was quite a daunting task next to other hundreds of tourists. You are lucky if you do not hit one of them on their faces!

4. Roman Forum

These are probably the most significant ruins in Roman history. The ruins were once the center political and public life in Rome.

5. Castle Saint Angelo and Ponte Sant Angelo

Created in 129AD, this castle was intended to be the burial chambers for the Emperor . Now part of the Vatican state, it connects to St Peter’s Basilica through Passetto di Bergo corridor.

Ponte Sant Angelo is a bridge on River Tiber that leads directly to the front of the castle. It is decorated with beautiful symmetrical sculptures.

6. Trastevere

An ancient part of Rome considered to have the Roman authentic life. What better place to our pasta and pizza lunch for that real slice of culture 😉

7. Alter of the Fatherland

This is a dedication to the first king of unified Italy , King Victor Emmanuel

8. Bonus


I do not remember what church this was but it sure as heaven was beautiful!

Happy new Month!

Enjoy your weekend and do not indulge in drugs 🙂

Pssst! Dress also worn here


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