3 Weeks in Europe, 5 countries; 48 Hours in Barcelona, Spain

3 Weeks in Europe, 5 countries; 48 Hours in Barcelona, Spain

17/10/2019 Off By Aclyne Njiraini

Bon día my people! Oh Catalonia! I fell in love with the culture; the people are so easy and kind. The architectural highlights are on the high and the fashion trends are mind blowing. The only problem was our limited time; 48 hours in Barcelona to immerse ourselves in all that beauty! We arrived at 2 am in the morning in a town called Llospitalet. Yes! 2 freaking am in a place where we knew no one and nothing apart from what google offered. Portugal had hardened our touristic souls and we felt like we had a degree in tourism and adventure 🙂

Day 1: Overdressed?

We stayed in a squeaky clean airbnb  with the sweetest humans (story for another day). The train was our means of transport to and from Barcelona town which was twenty minutes away. The day was cool in the the morning when we left the house but as time went by, it became super hot for our dress code. We melted, molded ourselves and dragged our sweaty a**es around determined to meet our 48 hour goal. Some of the areas we visited are:

  1. Placa de Catalunya

Catalonia square is the center of public transport that we labelled our ground zero. It is mostly known for its fountains and statues as well as the pigeons that flock at the center.

2.   Sagrada Familia

The grandness of this church cannot be compared to anything I have seen so far. If you plan to tour the inside of this piece of art, make sure to buy your ticket in advance through their website.

3. Park Guell

This is the perfect place to take a brake from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy the tranquil nature as well as ginger bread looking houses.

4. Las Ramblas

This is a long shopping street that runs from Placa de Catalunya to the Columbus monument in Port Vell. Once you are at the port, you can decide to visit Maremagnum mall or the aquarium.

Port Vell

Columbus Monument

5. Modernist buildings on the island of discord

Casa Mila/ La Pedrera

Casa Batllo whose design is influence by the dragon skin

6. Torre Glories

Another of the architectural landmarks that stands at the gateway of new technological Barcelona.

Day 2: Under dressed?

Based on the previous day’s weather, we (read I) dressed down to booty shorts, a vest and sandals. Little did we know that in Europe people do check the weather forecast before leaving their homes. Oh and the weather man does not lie 🙁 On arrival at our ground zero, the weather changed. It was windy and a bit chilly, but I still boarded the bus for the day’s adventure. Then it started raining and by the time we were in our first stop I was shaking. I alighted and slayed my frozen self to Zara for some warm change of clothes. I literally paid the clothes while wearing. Then off we were:

After a change at zara

  1. Montjuic Hill

It was still raining so we could not alight nor could we wait for the magic fountain

2. Anella Olimpica

This is an Olympic ring on Montjuïc hill and next to Olympic stadium. The ring was the main site for the 1992 summer Olympics.

3. Olympic Stadium

4. Camp Nou and FC Barcelona Stadium

We had to visit the home of Barcelona football team before calling it a day.. It was becoming too cold for us so we decided to end the day here with a cup of coffee and the most delicious chicken croquettes I have had yet.

*Note to self – Always check the weather forecast before starting your day.

Stay warm in this weather and keep it locked for the next adventure.



Aclyne Njiraini