3 weeks in Europe 5 Countries: Beautiful Vienna

3 weeks in Europe 5 Countries: Beautiful Vienna

Guten Morgen my peeps! I have so many pictures from our trip to Vienna. You can imagine the amount of words I have to express all of it. So refill that coffee and stay put. Vienna is a small and cosmopolitan, pretty and opulent city with real stories of castles, kings, queens and princesses. Simply beautiful and breathtaking.

For the first time Mr. A and I got to our destination early enough (around 6pm). Catch up on the previous adventure here. The thing is we were visiting our friends and it would have been rude to interrupt their sleep on a weekday night. Our mothers taught us well. Even so we talked till late in the night, blame it on a whole year of stories to catch up on.

Day 1 

James, our friend and host, offered to be our tour guide. Mahn! Is he good at it! He was unwrapping one beautiful castle after another. He made sure that every stop was more amazing than the previous. First we bought 72 hour public transport tickets to enable us a fast and cheap movement around the city.

University of Austria

This higher education learning facility was founded in 1365! 13 freaking 65 guys! I wonder what we were doing in my country! Living in caves, grazing antelopes and communicating through smoke signals maybe? Anyway, I digress

Hofburg Palace

The Hofburg palace was home to Habsburgs till 1945. It now houses the president and cabinet. I was surprised to find the gates open and no physical security guys here.There is even a way through to the other side of the palace. You wouldn’t know if you rubbed shoulders with the president.At this point, our friend left us and we just boarded a tram around the ring road, took pictures of anything beautiful we came across.


St Stephens Cathedral

I think it is safe to say I have a thing for gothic style.

Plague Column

This is a memorial to the worst plague in Viennese history.

Day 2

Barbecue day in house

James and his beautiful wife Julia were hosting an end of summer party, Yaaay! Unfortunately I was so fatigued to participate in the morning plans. I literally felt sick! So as everyone busied themselves with shopping and preparations, I shamelessly rested my tired a** on the couch L Need I say how amazing it turned out; from food, to beer, to the people. These two sure know how to throw a party! Talking of amazing, the wedged potatoes are currently a favorite in our house.

Day 3

Prater Park


We sat on this 100 meters high (felt like more) turbo boost  that revolved from top to bottom at super turbo speed and at the same time rotating the seat at 360 degrees.

You see those two human looking figures, that’s us

The adrenaline was top notch, the views from above, amazing but I do not think they were worth the mini heart attack I almost got.


A quiet green part of prater where you can relax after all that adrenaline rush. The beautiful rows of trees led to a palace.

Schonbrunn Palace and gardens

This was the main summer residence for the Habsburgs. The story goes that the view from the queen’s room was not impressive, so the king built a water front for her.

Garden and water front

While here make sure to check out the gardens and go up the hill for the amazingly beautiful views of the city.

Don’t I love the views from up here!

Beautiful Belverde Palace

Here we just sat, ate our late lunch, drank in all the beauty then took like a million photos


Day 4

Our friend James accidentally bought a gazebo online. Who does that?? Thanks to him though we got an opportunity to visit the mountains. Took a cable car to the top and explored it all with mouths wide open!


Thank you guys for being awesome hosts!

If you are ever planning to visit Vienna, please put me in your suitcase because…beautiful!!

Have a beautiful weekend.



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